Expand your territory one street at a time by besting the rest in an endless game of hopscotch!

Hop Pico Piko is an endless hopping game set in a local neighborhood in the Philippines. As the street scrolls automatically, your objective is to tap ONLY on the active tiles while trying to reach the end of the street.

Clear a street to unlock the next one... after that, go as far as you can in Endless Mode! Once you claim all streets in a barangay, you get to unlock the next one.

Follow the correct combination of hops, skips and jumps. Don't miss any tiles, or step on the lines, or you will be OUT!

Set in actual streets in Quezon City, you are sure to feel Pinoy pride while hopping through each barangay.

Three barangays to play through and unlock!

Three cute characters to play with, designed, and modeled in-house!

Original music for basic and endless modes to give you a taste of local Filipino indie rock.

Facebook Share lets you brag about your scores to all your friends!

Endless runner game with level up and territory capture features developed in Unity.

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Game development is another core strength of Digify, having created and published several branded games for third-party clients over the years. Our products have evolved from simple Flash-based casual games, to strategy, action, and location-based games developed in Unity.